PictureIsaiah 6:1-5
Worship is so much more than a song; I get that. In fact it is a daily thing; a lifestyle if you will, it is righteous living before a Holy God in honor of who He is.

However, there are moments during worship thru song, in which the believer catches a glimpse of Heaven. It almost seems as if the believer has stepped into a transport portal of some sort, and has found his or herself standing before the very throne of God himself.

The lyrics, the voices of others singing around and with you, the reverence and tone in the atmosphere, all these things come into play when a moment like this arises.

My family and I have been watching The Voice, because we enjoy seeing the contestants sing. The singers do their best to perform well, many are nervous, and the performance does not go as well as hoped, nonetheless, it is still quite entertaining. Those watching sit back and enjoy the show, whether by television or actually there. The judges, sit in there kingly chairs as the performers seek to persuade their coach through song to keep them on the team. Each performer is so excited to be on the stage, none can believe they are actually there, and during each song there are moments when the singer will hit some amazing note while the crowd cheers them on. Fans and family together shout for their favorites to stay on the show, even my wife and I talk over who we would like to see stay on the show; and then the moment is surreal for one of the singers, a dream come true—they’ve won.

The reason I love worshiping God thru song, is because it is so much different than The Voice. In the throne room of God there is no one on stage but Him. He sits on the throne, and there is plenty of singing going on, except there, it is not coming from the One who is on stage but from those off it. There are no judges, the entire congregation sings from the same point of view, lost but now found, blind but now see. The surreal feeling is not coming from Him who sits on the throne, but from every heart that sees Him! Angels and people alike, are singing to Him, about Him, and for Him who sits on the throne.

I had a moment like this in Chapel this morning, as we worshiped the, Great I Am, at SWBTS. A moment when you can just close your eyes, and sing along with your brothers and sisters, and worship the King. 
We must remember who it is we worship, He truly is a great King, Lord and God Almighty. He is deserving of our praises because of who He is, and we are privileged to know Him.

I long for that day, when I am truly there at His throne. To see Him, the one who loved me, and gave himself for me. The day when faith becomes sight, no longer will I need to endure. The race will have been finished… on that day when I see my King.

Till then, there are these moments when we catch glimpses of His throne.

Love God, Love People

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